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The Connection Between Yoga and Meditation

The Connection Between Yoga and Meditation

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Meditation requires the person to sit in one position for a length of time. As this times can range from as little as ten minutes or so up to and over a couple of hours it is essential that the person mediating remains as comfortable as possible during that time.

Yoga exercises and the stretching and relaxation of the muscles help to make these extended periods of sitting possible.

Yoga also teaches techniques that assist in calming the mind and the body and this makes it easier to become prepared for meditation. Being in a more relaxed state makes meditation possible for those people who have very active lives whereby they have a lot on their mind.

A lot of people combine both yoga and meditation in their life to maximize the benefits that they gain by both and the additional benefits that can only be achieved from a combination of the two.

Many religions and primarily those in India have yoga and meditation as one of their key elements as they understand how the techniques used in both yoga and meditation can bring about a balance in society and the reduction in stress and anxiety results in a more harmonious group of people.

By assisting people in calming and controlling their emotions it also helps with their health and happiness. The ability to meditate also allows people to reach a higher state of awareness and acceptance of themselves and others.

By combining the benefits of both yoga and meditation it is possible to make significant changes in your life and remove bad habits and negative emotions that can destroy the opportunity to get the most out of life. For many people meditation is something that they wouldn’t consider before having experienced the positive effects that yoga can bring about in their life.


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