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Count Your Chickens Before They've Hatched

Jan 19, 2013

Count Your Chickens Before They’ve Hatched

Most people plan to fail by never expecting to succeed. When you count your chickens before they’ve hatched you start to create a sense of excitement and enthusiasm that has...

The Synergy of Vision

Jan 14, 2013

The Synergy of Vision

An organisation that has not established its core values and vision will unlikely keep visionaries within it. Visionaries will likely take less pay, work longer hours and suffer extreme circumstances...

Yes, you Can... be Successful!

Jan 9, 2013

Yes, you Can… be Successful!

If you are an entrepreneur, you know that your success cannot depend on the opinions of others. Like the wind, opinions change…like the weather, opinions change frequently. To succeed at...

What's your Excuse for Not Being Successful in Life?

Jan 7, 2013

What’s your Excuse for Not Being Successful in Life?

Excuses! Excuses! When we fail to do something we are expected to do, we almost always have an excuse for it. However, if we analyze it closely, an excuse is...

Action is the foundational key to all success.

Jan 3, 2013

The Only and True Price of Success

Standing in the gale-force winds, the kid was looking queasy. We could all see the storm was growing more intense. The rain had already plastered his hair to his forehead...

The Number 1 Secret of Success: Never Give Up

Dec 30, 2012

The Number 1 Secret of Success

Do you know what one of the key secrets of success is – what makes people successful in business, sport or any other aspect of their lives? Let me come...

Mind Power: The Ultimate Success Formula

Dec 19, 2012

Mind Power: The Ultimate Success Formula

Ask around and you will find different answers to the formula of success. The truth is, success leaves clues and you can achieve the success in the area you desire...

Maintaining a Positive Attitude is Good for Business

Dec 18, 2012

Maintaining a Positive Attitude is Good for Business

And the end result of managing your time properly should be fostering the right attitude for business. Here are six ways to build a positive attitude. Be Committed It took...

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