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How Does Bad Company Corrupt Good Character

How Does Bad Company Corrupt Good Character

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Keeping good company is a virtue and bad company is sin.

Be in the company of those who boost your spirituality and motivate you to do good than those who make you feel low and unworthy.

In the same way that your family influenced you growing up, the people you live with now will also change the way you speak, act and think. This is great news if you pick solid, good roommates who will help you to grow.

However, the influence of your roommates can also corrupt your good character. Rather than being sharpened, you can be slowly whittled away. The worst part is, this happens slowly and gradually and you may not even realize you’re changing.

So how can you avoid bad company in your new roommates?

Make sure you choose people that you are familiar with. People who you’ve had a chance to watch for a good year or so. This will ensure that you know the person you’re about to move in with. Spend some time with them in a variety of situations. Is there anything questionable about their beliefs or activities? Ask a couple people for advice as well. Some of your friends may have seen a different side of your potential roommate.

What if you’re not thinking of moving in with anyone you know? What if it has to be someone random? This is most likely the case if you’re moving into a dorm your first year of college. You’re really going to have to rely on God to provide you with someone who will be good company. Either way, it may be good to have some up front conversations to lay down a framework for what your apartment/dorm will be like. You can let your roommate know, gently of course, that drugs and heavy drinking aren’t cool with you and that you’re not really into partying too much. Don’t come across as self-righteous and your roommate will understand.

If you’re in a situation where you’ve been thrown in with a roommates with bad character, find some support outside of your dorm. Join a religious center nearby or find an on-campus group to hang out with. A group that can sharpen you and give you advice and help. Through them, you might even have an opportunity to change your roommate into good company.

Your friends are a reflection of yourself. Who your friends are is indicitive of who you are or who you’ll become if you continue to be with them. Abdulbary Yahya

A cheerful , confident and optimistic person is uplifted with humanity and shining like a bright light and not smothering like a wilting wick. He will enjoy worthy life while serving others and be devoid of ego to remain in full esteem.He is committed, determined and wholesome person and will act as a locomotive to pull along the dimwitted. Even the blind, deranged, handicapped/incapacitated etc. will not suffer in his company. He will change the world with the help of his ilk by adding spice to their life. A few such persons can transform the whole world into a paradise. It is incumbent on our part to join the company of such people as they are achievers and will bring forth healthy, happy and friendly society.

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